Custom Lapis and Diamond Ring in 22k Gold

AH 210000004203

April Higashi

Custom Lapis and Diamond Ring in 22k Gold

client's 1 ct Old European Cut diamond, lapis, 22k gold

PROCESS: This ring was designed for a Landscape Architect who had worked in Europe and the US. She was no longer married and wanted to make a ring for herself that was not a wedding ring, but something she would love and cherish and wear on her middle finger to remind her of her life. She had always loved lapis, so we found a piece that mirrored the rough feeling of terrain. This ring was hand-cut from wax and cast in 22k gold. The lapis was modified to fit next to the diamond and then set.


☆ Curated Picks / Natalie Engels
I have always loved dual stone rings. This reminds me of a Mother and Child.


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