Sandra Enterline

Sandra Enterline studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and is currently based in San Francisco, California. Her work ranges from beautiful fine jewelry to thoughtful installations, and is meticulously crafted with a focused attention to detail. One of her most widely recognized and loved series contains pieces made with hundreds of tiny holes drilled in silver, each one patiently perforated by eye and by hand.

My current work is based on the fascination with light when seen through hundreds of tiny perforations. The pieces are minimal in form and resonate in both the natural and machined worlds. There is a powerful interplay between the interior and exterior of the pieces as light filters through. The interior is concealed by the form, and revealed by the perforations. My interest is in the seduction, power, and purity of valuable materials, including my newest work incorporating diamond slices. The diamonds are captured in crude settings, and are like delicate windows that punctuate each setting and capture light. The windows allow light to pass through each diamond, irregularly shaped and flawed with inclusions, streaks of grey, black and yellow. I make strong, simple, sculptural objects that are complex and layered, the subtlety discovered over time.

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