About Our Artists

Shibumi Gallery represents over 40 jewelers and metal artists from around the world.  The artists range from internationally renowned to emerging local talent.  While each artist is defined by their unique style and aesthetic, all embody the definition of 'Shibumi', a Japanese word used to describe a subtle, simple and obtrusive sense of beauty.

We invite you to stop by our artisan jewelry gallery in Berkeley, CA to browse the unique pieces of these artists and to enjoy the calm and serene beauty of the space. 

Many of our artists can be commissioned to create custom design pieces including engagement and wedding rings.



Claudia Alleyne
Curtis Arima
Elisa Bongfeldt
Nina Bukvic
Raissa Bump
Namu Cho
Kat Cole
Andy Cooperman
Jane D’Arensbourg
Arielle De Pinto
Kate Eickelberg
Sandra Enterline

Victoria Moore
Christopher Neff
Christina Odegard
Eric Powell
Todd Reed
Eric Silva
Tura Sugden
Ruth Tomlinson
Giovanna Torrico
Julia Turner
Niki Ulehla
Polly Wales
Sam Woehrmann