Susanne Mastche

Susanne Matsché studied design and jewelry in Austria, Russia, and Germany. She has lived and worked in Austria, the USA, the Netherlands and India and now resides in Berlin, Germany. Susanne first discovered filigree as an exchange student in Moscow. After being drawn to its exotic magic she undertook intensive training for a year. This ornamental style was quite different from her Austrian aesthetic and it took Susanne a bit of time to integrate the two. She’s managed to bring this ancient technique into contemporary jewelry and has been recognized with international exhibitions and awards. Filigree is still an important part of her work, both with the jewelry she creates and the techniques she teaches.

The fine silver wire with which we work is very soft; it has an almost textile quality, suggesting associations with techniques usually atypical of metalwork, like stitching, weaving, binding, wrapping. Due to its softness the wire and the fine silver elements can also be used in a very organic way, as if the parts of the piece of jewelry were growing and flowing.