Jewelry Care

Shibumi Gallery carries jewelry from a wide variety of talented and experienced jewelers and goldsmiths. Optimal care for your piece of jewelry is determined by its unique materials.

In general we do recommend the following guidelines for most pieces which include removal prior to entering chlorinated pools, weight lifting, or strenuous exercise, gardening and cleaning with or using chemicals, such as bleach.

Shibumi Gallery also carries work that requires further care and caution. Certain pieces should never be allowed to get wet due to potential for rust or delicate materials, such as butterfly wings. We will inform you of how to care for your jewelry at the time of purchase.

We also recommend that purchases of higher priced rings be insured against, loss, theft and damage.  All insurance companies are different, but often simple solutions are available by extending renters or home owner insurance policies. If not, we can make insurance company recommendations.