Custom Set of Dipped Bands in 18k Palladium White Gold and 18k Yellow Gold

AH 210000005012

April Higashi

Custom Set of Dipped Bands in 18k Palladium White Gold and 18k Yellow Gold

18k Palladium White Gold and 18k Yellow Gold

These bi-metal rings are made from a special white gold alloy, a mixture of pure gold and palladium, which has recently skyrocketed in price due to use in the auto industry. The 18k palladium white gold has a lovely resonance when paired with the 18k yellow gold. This ring is not actually dipped but made through a very long and loud process called forging which bends the metal into a distinct organic, wave-like pattern. Each ring is handmade and unique, and is one of April’s favorite designs for men but can also be made for women. The ring can be flipped depending on which metal you prefer 'on top' or perhaps want to pair or contrast with another ring stacked on the same finger.  We feel it’s a ring one would never tire of that only gets better with wear.

This set of rings was commissioned for a couple in Oregon, who saw the original ring on our site. The female version is the inverse metal proportions of his. We really liked this idea for the two partners to have opposite metal combinations.  

This ring has a very laborious process. One part of the ring is cast and the other part is fabricated. They are then soldered and forged together. The process of hard hammering, and forging the metal, makes gentle waves in the two metals. The ring is then shaped, sized, and a light-modeled texture is added. Each ring is unique and can be commissioned in different widths, or stones can be added. 

This ring set has a lot of nice parallels for long-term relationships and is one of our most elegant bands.

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