Custom Cuff with Diamond Crystal in 20k Yellow Gold

AH 210000005016


Custom Cuff with Diamond Crystal in 20k Yellow Gold

This cuff was made from the owners wedding rings.  She personally likes to mark life transitions with symbolic pieces of jewelry.  We melted not only her rings but her ex-husbands rings with some extra gold and used the diamond crystal from her engagement ring. 

The metal was alloyed and melted together into an ingot and from there it was used for casting. The cuff was carved from wax in a complete circle and cut away to make a cuff.  She calls it her "New Life" Cuff and she wears it everyday. 

There is still plans for a future project to make something for her ex-husband out of the remaining metal with a tiny cognac diamond which represents their son. They are very amicable and raising their son together.


☆ Curated Picks / Natalie Engels
I obviously love this cuff and the way that the stone nestles into the metal. Beautifully balanced.


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