Champagne Diamond Asymmetric Ring in 14k Yellow Gold

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Ruth Tomlinson
Champagne Diamond Asymmetric Ring in 14k Yellow Gold
14k yellow gold, 0.5ct pear cut champagne diamond, 0.3ct oval champagne diamond, 0.37ct white and champagne diamonds


☆ Curated Picks / Natalie Engels
I’ve always been fascinated with the moon, stars and constellations. Finding pieces that can give this feeling but not be too specific are the ones that I gravitate towards.


☆ Staff Favorite / Kate Eickelberg: Retail Team & Gallery Artist
I’m such a Ruth fan. The organic quality to her work is actually really appealing to a more geometrically-inclined person like me. There’s a sense of found treasure rescued from the ocean depths. This ring in particular speaks to me because of the asymmetrical design.


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