Christopher Neff

Chris Neff

Christopher Neff grew up in the rolling hills of the mid-west. After high school he was employed at the local Quickie Mart and his best friend's father stopped in and asked him what he really wanted to do. Chris responded that he wanted to be a jeweler, and found himself with a loan and a plane ticket to Revere Academy in San Francisco, California where he trained as a fine jeweler. He's worked ever since as a goldsmith.

Chris runs his shop in San Francisco where he not only makes his own work, but is also sought out by other jewelers for his stone setting, engraving and fabrication skills. Chris' work is both industrial and machined, masculine and refined. When Chris is not working long hours at his studio you can find him tending to his plants or with his best feline friend, Evie, also known as Squirt to her friends.